You think that a quick loan is a tough nut to crack?


With KOKOS it’s easy!



What is Kokos?

We know that there are some needs that cannot wait, that’s why we created KOKOS

...which enables you to take out a quick cash loan on clear terms and with minimum formalities. You know exactly how much you borrow, how high the monthly installment is and how much time you have to repay it. Money is on your account usually a few minutes after processing your request.


How does it work?

how much money you need

Set the details of the loan such as: the amount and the credit period

your data

Fill in a short form with basic personal data

the request

After you fill in the form, click "I want to borrow"

You get
the decision! !

If the decision is positive, after a few minutes you will be informed when the money will be deposited on your account.




Hundreds of thousands of Poles trusted the Kokos service!

In 10 years , they borrowed over

PLN 150,000,000

Why is it worth it?


KOKOS is a quick loan for you


Money can be deposited on your account even a few minutes after the loan is granted - no waiting in queues and no talks with consultants

The Cash comes from trustworthy financial institution

You decide how fast you want to repay a loan

You will find all essential information about the repayment the repayment, including its schedule, on your account on the website

You can commit borrowed funds for any purpose

You can make a partial payment of a monthly instalment




Check out what others tell about us

We have been working for 10 years now.

During this time, money from the loans has been credited on accounts of hundreds of thousands of Poles.
The needs are varied. Sometimes a car breaks down, sometimes you can no longer reschedule the dentist appointment
or there comes a time when you have to say „yes” and throw a party for 150 people along the way.

These are their stories:

“Everyone would like to make a lot of money, but unfortunately, it’s not possible. At least not in my case… I have a regular job, but the salary (as is often the case) is too low. I used Kokos for the first time when my washing machine broke down and I had to wait a few more days for the payday. I didn’t want to use my savings. I preferred to take a small loan because I knew I could easily pay it back”

Jacek, Wrocław

“I borrowed money on Kokos a few times already. When I suddenly needed some cash, it was the only reasonable solution. That way I covered the cost of the orthodontic treatment, flew on a quick vacation and now I have to renovate my kitchen.”

Magda, Tarnów

“I was always skeptical about any kind of loans. I convicted myself to use the services of Kokos because I knew exactly how much this loan would cost me and I could choose how fast I wanted to repay it. If I had to save money from my salary in order to collect it for the renovation of my car, I would have to wait a few months. And now, the car is fixed, the installment is small, and it is coming along. ”

Iza, Bydgoszcz

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